VS Shift + 30 Tote Tray Mobile Storage Cabinet

VS Shift + 30 Tote Tray Mobile Storage Cabinet
VS furniture offers this handy classroom storage unit with many possibilities.   This mobile cabinet has two intermediate partitions and has three rows of shelves that accommodate 3" high tote boxes.   LIGNOpal body construction makes the units sturdy, and the push handles on the top of the unit help make the unit easily maneuverable on its sturdy casters.   Includes perforated steel back.   Includes 30 plastic totes (some have stickers on them from previous use).  These units were used as demo units in the classroom.
Laminate: White with Arctic handles/metal

Size: 41.53" w x 43.38" h x 16.73" deep. 

 List Price: $1767.00      Warehouse Special Price: $420.00 each  (2 In-Stock)

Manufacturer ID:WS45325-30X1060XXL