PixMobile Pre-assembled and Ready-to-Assemble Projection Carts

PixMobile Pre-assembled and Ready-to-Assemble Projection Carts
Choose from a variety of styles to suit your specific projection needs. Choose model VP6-30 for large CRT or LCD type video projectors. PMOH and AVOH models are ideal for overhead projectors featuring added work shelves for reference or presentation materials.
The top projector shelf of the VP6-30 adjusts to fine tune images on the screen.
PMOH and VP6-30 models are easy to assemble.
Work shelves on AVOH-2939J and PMOH models fold down when not needed.
AVOH models are pre-assembled for convenience and arc welded for added strength.
AVOH models adjust in cart height and shelf depth to accommodate projectors.
See options for optional UL listed multiple outlet assembly with built-in cord holder.

Please call your Sharp School Services Representative for quantity pricing.

Brochure Download: Download overhdcart.pdf
Manufacturer ID:DSC-AVOH-2939J