Rover Daddy Computer Table

Rover Daddy Computer Table
Versteel Rover Daddy Mobile Computer Table

The Hardest Working Rover of Them All.

Meet Rover Daddy. Whether you need a fully-loaded workstation, a rugged work cart or something in between, Rover Daddy’s the one to choose. Mobile, adaptable and beautifully engineered, each Rover Daddy starts with a large work surface 30" x 40" (overall) , ample leg room and standard cable coil. Then add the accessories you need, from modesty panels to multiple shelves and more. With Rover Daddy, the choice is yours.  Table top is composed of durable 1 1/4" thick wood laminate construction with a 3mm edge.  Metal modesty panels (2 in the front of the unit) allow for the perfect amount of privacy.  Basic unit is 29" high, and includes convenience shelves.
Select from the Henri - pop-up power and data source for the table, or select the power & data globe.  The cable coil conducts wires from the underside of the top to the power and data source.  It is attached to the underside of the top and hooks under the base ring.

IPRS3040CSFXCS  Rover Daddy Computer Table  List Price: $ 1243.00
IPADM   Front of Unit - Double Modesty Panels        List Price: $386.00
IPABS   Big Screen                                                          List Price: $214.00
IPATS  Transaction Small Screen (great accessory)   List Price: $279.00
 (power units are additional charge - computer/monitor not included)

Please contact your Sharp School Services representaitve for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:VST IPRS3040CSFXCS