LCS Markerboards by Claridge

LCS Markerboards by Claridge
LCS deluxe markerboard units are white porcelain enamel on steel with 5/8" anodized aluminum trim.  These units will accept magnets and magnetic aids.  Four assorted LCS markers and one felt eraser are included. Units with map rail have tan cork insert, one map hook furnished for every three feet of map rail, with a minimum of two furnished.

LCS Units w/Map Rail                                  
LCS2034R          $427.00        3'X4'              
LCS2044R          $473.00        4'X4'              
LCS2046R          $655.00        4'X6'             
LCS2048R          $819.00        4'X8'              
LCS2410R          $1084.00        4'X10'           
LCR2412R        $1237.00       4'X12'            
LCS2416R        $1655.00        4X16'            

LCS Units without Map Rail
LCS2034        $400.00          3'x4'
LCS2044        $465.00          4'x4'
LCS2046        $636.00          4'x6'
LCS2048        $794.00          4'x8'
LCS2410        $1045.00        4'x10'
LCS2412      $1192.00        4'x12'
LCS2416      $1594.00        4'x16'

Manufacturer ID:Claridge