Hon Every-Day® Chair

Hon Every-Day® Chair
Thick, wide cushions have bolsters for extra support and comfort.  Model features pneumatic seat height adjustment, 5 star caster base for stability.  Fully upholstered outer back.  Hard or soft casters available. Optioinal injection armrests are color matched to the base pedestal, arms and casters.  

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing

Price:$305.00 - $432.00
Brochure Download: Download 7900.pdf
Manufacturer ID:HON-7901

Markerboard with Wood Trim

Markerboard with Wood Trim
WLCS46 4'x6' LCS Deluxe - 1-3/4" Face Trim
These units feature a wide, heavy, natural finish oak frame and marker tray. No map rail is furnished. White porcelain enamel steel writing surface. Key hole hangers, and comes with 4 assorted LCS markers and eraser. 

Sizes also available are:
WLCS44 4'x4' $597.00
WLCS46 4'x6'  $710.00
WLCS48 4'x8'  $845.00

Also available in Medium or Dark Oak finish

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$597 - $845
Manufacturer ID:WLCS46

Markerboard with Maprail

Markerboard with Maprail
LCS2048R 4'x8' Markerboard with Map Rail and Marker Tray. These deluxe units rate among our best markerboards. Available with our exclusive LCS white porcelain enamel writing surface. These units have a heavy satin anodized aluminum frame, a large chalkthrough with end closures, map rail with cork insert, 12 assorted LCS markers and a felt eraser with each unit. Units with map rail will have one map hook furnished for every three feet of map rail with a minimum of two furnished. Angle clips hangers are furnished for easy hanging.

Sizes also available are:

LCS2034R 3'x4 'w/ map rail $427.00
LCS2044R 4'x4' w/ map rail $473.00
LCS2046R 4'x6' w/ map rail $655.00
LCS2048R 4' 8' w/ map rail $819.00
LCS2410R 4'x10' w/ map rail $1084.00
LCS2412R 4'x12' w/ map rail $1,237.00
LCS2416R 4'x16' w/ map rail $1,655.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$427 - $1655
Manufacturer ID:LCS2034R LCS2044R LCS2046R LCS2048R

Combination Whiteboard/Bulletin Board, Aluminum Frame

Combination Whiteboard/Bulletin Board, Aluminum Frame
Combination Units with aluminum frame
Left half is LCS White porcelain writing surface, while the right is tan cork.

LCS5034 3'x4' $418.00
LCS5044 4'x4' $472.00
LCS5046 4'x6' $617.00
LCS5048 4'x8' $790.00
LCS5410 4'x10' $949.00
LCS5412 4'x12' $1,089.00
Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:Call for Pricing
Manufacturer ID:Claridge

Illusions 7218 Sink Cabinet

Illusions 7218 Sink Cabinet

The Fleetwood Illusions line of mobile cabinetry gives you the total flexibility that is valued by educators, with the built-in look that architects want. The cabinets roll into place and are locked together with Fleetwood's patented locking system. High quality panel-on-panel all laminate construction. Available with or without casters and backsplash. Shelves are 1" thick and adjustable. Full 10-Year warranty!

The 72182 Sink Cabinet is only available with Locking  Doors.

Model # Description List Price
72182.804 Base Sink cabinet, No Shelves, w/o sink, 48" w x 30" h x 26" d $1382.00
72182.864 Base Sink cabinet, No Shelves, w/o sink, 48" w x 36" h x 26" d $1402.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$1382 - $1402
Manufacturer ID:FW72182.XXX

Community Wood Stool

Community Wood Stool
Solid oak stool available in 3 heights.  Also available with fabric seat.
Priced below with all wood seat option:

3A        18"  Seat height        $223.00
4A        24" Seat height         $234.00
5A        30" Seat height         $259.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$223.00 - $259.00
Manufacturer ID:3A 4A 5A

Prosaic Resin Wall Clock

Prosaic Resin Wall Clock
Reliable 12" clock with quartz movement at an affodable price.  Operates on one "AA" battery.  Shatter- resistant lens.

Manufacturer ID:901201-ITC

Mobile Stool Table

Mobile Stool Table
AmTab Stool Tables are equipped with a torsion bar balanced mechanism, and feature strong 14 gauge, 1 1/4" legs, and square steel tubing.  Square steel tube columns eliminates stool spinning and allows easier and faster installation.  All table frames are made of 14 ga. x 3" wide formed channel steel.  All stools are strong ABS plastic material, and are 14" dia. round for added comfort.  Custom floor glides for floor safety and for wider floor support.

Model Number of Stools Table & Stool Heights Table L x W Folded W x D x H List Price
MST88 8 29" - 17"  27" - 15" 25" -13"  8' 1" x 30" 60" x 33" x 56"  $1715.00
MST1012 12 29" - 17"  27" - 15" 25" -13" 10' 1" x 30" 60" x 38" x 75"  $1970.00
MST1212 12 29" - 17"  27" - 15" 25" -13" 12' 1" x 30" 60" x 38" x 80"  $2162.00
MST1216 16 29" - 17"  27" - 15" 25" -13" 12' 1" x 30" 60" x 39' x 83"  $2390.00
MSE1012 12 29" - 17" 10' 1" x 46" 77" x 40" x 75"  $2562.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$1715 - $2562
Manufacturer ID:ATAB MST88 MST1012 MST1212 MST1216 MSE1012

Convertable Bench

Convertable Bench
AmTab Convertable Benches feature well balanced table top construction with a Dyna-Rock edge or vinyl t-molding edge for stability and sanitation.  Features torsion bar balanced mechanism throughout.  All table legs are 14 ga. x 1 1/4" square and 14 ga. x 3" wide-formed channel steel reinforced with metal gussets for extra strength.  Ideal for hallways or waiting areas, these benches are extremely vesatile, and can be used for many different multipurpose activities.

Model # Table & Bench Height L x W Price
MCB6 29" - 17"    27" - 15" 72" x 29" $960.00
MCB7 29" - 17"    27" - 15" 84" x 29" $983.00
MCB8 29" - 17"    27" - 15" 96" x 29" $1019.00

Standard  Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Grey Nebula, Grey Glace, Maple, Bannister Oak,
                                       Wild Cherry, Walnut, and Nepal Teak

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$960 - $1019
Manufacturer ID:MCB6 MCB7 MCB8

Cafe Tall Table

Cafe Tall Table
Performance tables by Versteel are designed for intensive usage and are available with all the Versteel features you need.  Tables are available with adjustable height, linking, folding, tilting, mobility and lightweight features, to name just a few.  Top surface is 1-3/4" thick for added durability for daily use.

Model                          42" Height              Price
PEX1S 30RDFX          30" Round          $702.00
PEX1S 36RDFX          36" Round          $773.00
PEX1S 42RDFX          42" Round          $1037.00
PEX1S 30SQFX          30" Square          $679.00
PEX1S 36SQFX          36" Square          $834.00
PEX1S 42SQFX          42" Square          $948.00

Please contact your Sharp School services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$679 -$1037
Manufacturer ID:PEX1S

8500 Series Chair

8500 Series Chair
Save time and storage space with the National Public Seating 8500 School Chair. One person can stack and move up to 40 chairs at a time. Clear even the largest rooms in just minutes. The sturdy steel frame, molded plastic seat and floor glides keep your chairs looking great despite daily use. Choose from several attractive, fade-resistant colors.  Made from chrome plated 11 mm steel rod frame, and protective rounded polyethylene floor glides with custom clamping device.

Model #: 8500     Price: $78.80

For chair quantities or special colors please contact your Sharp School Services representative.

Manufacturer ID:8500

200 Series Steel Folding Chair

200 Series Steel Folding Chair
NP1003: National Public Seating's 200 Series folding chairs feature a double hinge on each leg for added durability.  Double contoured back and waterfall seat.  Constructed of 18 gauge steel tubing.  Electromagnetically welded seat back.  Two U-Shaped double riveted cross braces.  V-Shape back leg stability caps and non-marring glides come standard.  Tested to meet ANSI/BIFMA standards.
Folded Height: 38"  Folded depth: 2.25"
Overall Dimensions: 17.75" H x 15.75" W x 16" D.
Back height: 8.75"   Back width: 18.75"
Colors: Blue, Gray, Black, Beige, Brown, or Red.
5-Year manufacturer's warranty.
                               List Price: $44.20 each

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for pricing.

Manufacturer ID:NP1003

Lightweight Plastic Folding Chair

Lightweight Plastic Folding Chair
These new leightweight folding chairs feature a waterproof plastic which resists damage from: dropping and rough handling, gasoline; paint --laquer thinner, permanent marker-- paint remover, and battery acid.
For use in almost any office, multi-purpose room, or educational environment.
5-Year Warranty.
Colors: Grey Granite/Black or
              Mocha Brown/Brown

             Retail Price: $83.00 each                 Our Price: $59.60 each
             (Standard packaging 4/carton - must order 4 to avoid broken carton fees)

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Price:$59.60 each
Manufacturer ID:TER-RC350-GG/BK TER-RC350-MO/BR

Stainless Steel Cart, 3 Shelves

Stainless Steel Cart, 3 Shelves
Luxor L100S3 - Stainless Steel Cart 3 shelves

This all stainless steel three shelf cart has a clearance of 12" between shelves. Ideal for light weight industrial, healthcare, food service, or restaurant applications. Features:
  • Complete with 4" casters, two with locking brake
  • Shelves measure 26"W x 16"D
  • Rounded handle on either side for versatility
  • 26"W x 16"D x 35"H
Assembly required.                             List Price: $284.44

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for quantity pricing.

Manufacturer ID:L100S3

Impromptu Refreshment Cart

Impromptu Refreshment Cart
Add a touch of class to your school or office with this Safco steel frame refreshment cart with translucent poly-carbonate side panels.  The top dimensions are 34" w x 17" d gray laminate.  The cart's overall dimensions are: 36.5" h x 19.5" w x 32.75" d.  Inlcudes storage area with one fixed shelf; powder coat finish; four casters (2 locking).  Also now available as special order with Black Base. 
Covered by Safco's Limited Lifetime Warranty.
                                                       List Price: $676.00

Please contact your Sharp School Services representative for competitive pricing.

Manufacturer ID:SPC 8966GR